Headteacher             Miss Louise Kelly

Principal Teacher             Mrs M. Duffy


In the Classrooms:

Primary 1/2                       Mrs Duffy, Mrs Styles, Mrs Scott

Primary 3/4                       Mrs G. Holden & Mrs R. Styles

Primary 5/6/7                   Mrs J. Henderson

Pupil Support Teacher       Ms C. Small

Pupil Support Workers      Mrs V. Rytson  Mrs D Summers  Mrs B McKie  Miss F. Kennedy 

                                          Mrs A. Taylor

Area Support Teacher       Mrs Kirsty Henderson


In the Office:                  

Mrs E. Northover

Mrs L. McCarthy


In the Kitchen:                 

Lynzie Underwood


Other important people who may be in our school:

PE Specialist                    Ms C. Warren

Janitor                                        Mr B. Martin

Active Schools Coordinator         Mrs C. Keith           

Music Tuition                               Mr G Baillie